We are a small family farm, established in 2010, that focuses on producing high quality, naturally grown products.
Small Town Farms provides fresh, local produce to the Beamsville area.

Unlike the CFIA definition for locally grown produce, we believe that local food should be grown within 100km of your table. These products are available directly from the farmers, who put in efforts to provide safe and healthy products to the community, reducing the number of people handling products, storage time, and transport time.
 Local produce is all picked at peak ripeness level for ideal freshness, flavour and nutrition. Our products can go from our fields to your table in a day, or less!

We have an overall goal of growing better tasting, fresher, and healthier food to share with our community.
We diligently research our crops to decide on specific varieties of fruit, melons, and vegetables that would grow best within our climate and soil conditions while providing ideal flavour, nutrition, and shelf life.
We want to use our experiences on the farm to teach our children, along with our community, where their food comes from, how it is grown, and how to harvest. Building this farm with family is a chance to learn the basic skills to be resourceful and grateful for the small things you have while turning what seems like nothing, into something to be shared and enjoyed. Each day working on the farm provides new opportunities for learning, allowing us to continually adapt, to get better at what we do, and to strive to provide the best products to the community that we can

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